Dualing Interviews on SB 827

CA Senator Wiener & People Power Media Co-founder
Joseph Smooke | 03/22/2018
Joseph Smooke at KPFA
Photo Credit
Dyan Ruiz

Host of KPFA Radio's "UpFront", Brian Edwards-Tiekert, interviews People Power Media co-founder Joseph Smooke in Joseph's capacity as Westside Program Director of Housing Rights Committee San Francisco. The interview is about the proposed California State Senate bill SB 827 that would displace existing residents around transportation hubs by overriding local zoning and development controls. Brian first interviews California State Senator Scott Wiener about his bill, then at 14 minutes and 40 seconds into this segment, Brian turns to Joseph to share the tenant and community perspectives.

Community Engagement

We don’t just report on people power efforts, we believe in people power.

Our work includes participating in the community-based, grassroots efforts that we report on. Joseph Smooke is currently the Program Assistant and was previously the Program Director since October 2015 at Housing Right Committee of San Francisco.

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