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Protesters holding signs that say "Rent Control for All"
Activists turn in signatures to qualify for a November ballot measure that would repeal the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a state law that limits on rent control in California.
CoFounder of People Power Media on SB 827
There’s a new bill in California ready to set off the biggest gentrification bomb the state has ever seen-- Senate Bill SB 827. It will cause displacement in already vulnerable communities-- working class neighborhoods and communities of color.
SB 827 Transit is Just a Decoy for Gentrification
Newly proposed State bill SB 827 encourages gentrification in low-income communities throughout California and gives value to landowners and developers with no public benefit in return.
People Power Media Cofounder Joseph Smooke at KPFA studios
Host of KPFA Radio's "UpFront", Brian Edwards-Tiekert, interviews People Power Media co-founder Joseph Smooke in Joseph's capacity as Westside Program Director of Housing Rights Committee San Francisco. The interview is about the proposed California State Senate bill SB 827 that would displace existing residents around transportation hubs.
Riley and Curtis in their microunit
Riley & Curtis are blown away by what her AI watch, Olive, has to say about San Francisco's housing crisis. Coming Early 2019!

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Riley and Curtis meet the developer, Sumir
Curtis's developer friend, Sumir, shares his business plan. Coming Early 2019!
Ernesto explains how housing works
Riley & Curtis discover from Banker, Ernesto, why building more doesn't mean paying less. Coming Early 2019!
Rosa shows Riley & Curtis an apartment in the Mission
Curtis & Riley check out a place in the Mission, as a mural comes to life to tell the story of San Francisco. Coming Early 2019!