Workers' Rights

Working people fighting for just compensation, safe working conditions & the respect they deserve.

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Reich speaking at podium
UC Berkeley Economists Present Research Analyzing Effects of San Francisco Minimum Wage Measure
Protesters outside Apple store, San Francisco
Apple products being pushed here in the US and other countries gets people excited, but it never crosses your mind how exactly they’re able to push out a new product every year.
Undocumented Farm Worker Enedina Bibanco
Undocumented farm workers are hit the hardest because of California's extreme drought. We went to the heart of the Central Valley, west Fresno County, to talk to residents about how they're surviving the massive job losses.
San Francisco near Powell BART
San Francisco’s new minimum wage could be highest in the country if passed on the November 2014 ballot. Community and labor groups that make up the Coalition for a Fair Economy are pushing for a higher minimum wage as rents in the San Francisco also top all other US cities.
Domestic workers meet with CA Senator Leno
California Domestic Workers and advocates meet with legislators at the California capital on Mother's Day to demand the passage of a Bill of Rights to protect their workers.

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May Day Protest San Francisco 2013
People Power Media at May Day in San Francisco, 2013.
Filipino-Americans hold signs against modern slavery in New Orleans
A crowd of protesters gathered around the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco to demand action on the deaths, human trafficking and abuse of Filipino migrant workers on an oil rig in New Orleans.