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Working people fighting for just compensation, safe working conditions & the respect they deserve.

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May Day protest on Market Street, San Francisco
People Power Media's images of the march of workers on May Day 2017, the first during President Donald Trump.
Verizon workers on strike
For the past month, since April 13, nearly 40,000 Verizon union employees have been on strike, protesting outside of corporate and retail locations across the country.
Protesters outside Philippine consulate
Nearly 200 protesters from the Filipino community, faith groups, and civic organizations gathered in front of the Philippine Consulate in downtown San Francisco on April 5, calling for justice and demanding accountability for the Philippine government’s violent action against protesting farmers on April 1 that resulted in two deaths and 116 injured in Kidapawan, Philippines.
Nacho with a Mendota Education t-Shirt on
Middle school student from Mendota in western Fresno County breaks down the impacts of the California drought on farm workers in one of People Power Media's best interviewees.

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Reich speaking at podium
UC Berkeley Economists Present Research Analyzing Effects of San Francisco Minimum Wage Measure
Protesters outside Apple store, San Francisco
Apple products being pushed here in the US and other countries gets people excited, but it never crosses your mind how exactly they’re able to push out a new product every year.