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Communities fighting for indigenous rights, racial & social equity and environmental justice.

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Chirag Bhakta of Mission SRO Collaborative and Plaza 16
Organizer with the Mission SRO Collaborative, Chirag Bhakta, and community members demand 100 percent affordable housing.
Community speak passionately to developers
Longtime teacher San Francisco Nancy Obregon tells developer through a powerful mic check that she can't afford the condos proposed for her neighborhood, the Mission District.
Un-Thanksgiving Ceremony Alcatraz Island
30th Indigenous Peoples' Annual Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island. This year's ceremony commemmorated the 40th year of the IITC and the 1969 to 1971 Indigenous re-settling of Alcatraz Island following the closing of the prison in 1963.
Women walking in Chinatown
Advocates for voting "No" on San Francsico ballot measure Prop L because pollution and injury from traffic most affect communities least likely to create traffic- such as communities of color.
Legal Aid for Immigrant Children
San Francisco Supervisor proposes legislation to provide immigrant children with legal aid as thousands face fast-track immigration.

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Dyan in freezing cold doing her standup outside of the prison with protesters
Supporters rally in snowstorm outside maximum security prison to show solidarity for prisoners being held without charges or release date.
Terry Valen of NAFCON
A look at grassroots organizations helping Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines.