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Filipino Grandmothers (Lolas) are facing eviction
Four Filipino-American families, including a 4-year-old girl and a 92-year-old grandmother, are being evicted from their homes in the South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco.
Protesters holding signs about abuse of women
As a protest and a memorial statue are being launched, a painful part of Asian history is remembered in San Francisco. Decades of silence ceased on August 14, 1991, when a Korean woman, Hak-sun Kim, first spoke about her sexual slavery by the Japanese army during WWII. Following Kim, hundreds of thousands of Asian women have shone a spotlight on this institutionalized sexual exploitation.
May Day protest on Market Street, San Francisco
People Power Media's images of the march of workers on May Day 2017, the first during President Donald Trump.
Women march behind shoulder high snow bank
Joining protests around the world, a rural town in the Idaho Rockie Mountains march for women's rights two days after the inagauration of President Donald Trump.
Cover art for Silent Night
Haunting, original version of the classic Silent Night by Tommi Avicolli Mecca, singer, songwriter and guitarist and Ken Schoon on cello.

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Protesters outside Philippine consulate
Nearly 200 protesters from the Filipino community, faith groups, and civic organizations gathered in front of the Philippine Consulate in downtown San Francisco on April 5, calling for justice and demanding accountability for the Philippine government’s violent action against protesting farmers on April 1 that resulted in two deaths and 116 injured in Kidapawan, Philippines.
Deepa Varma of SF Tenants Union in front of Google Bus
Activists set up tech shuttle blockade as community appeals use of "google buses" at public bus stops in San Francisco.
Oscar Grande and Mission activists in City Hall rotunda
Hundreds gather inside San Francisco City Hall to demand affordable housing and a stop on evictions and luxury housing in the Mission District.