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Communities fighting for indigenous rights, racial & social equity and environmental justice.

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Map of San Francisco with Cultural Districts
To understand the role of culture and arts in equitable city planning, [people. power. media] spent months learning directly from San Francisco’s cultural districts about the efforts they are taking to claim space and resist erasure.
Dismantle white supremacy
There is a long legacy of American violence against Asians that spans centuries, and these recent attacks only build on the long legacy of white supremacy, systemic racism, exploitation, and imperialism.
Intersection of API and Black Experience of Systemic Racism in San Francisco
Richmond District Neighborhood Center hosted a forum on that addresses Asian Pacific Islander and Black solidarity featuring Dyan Ruiz, CoFounder of People Power Media
DAPSS Desegregation, Affordability, Production, Stability and Sustainability
DAPSS: A Revolutionary New Framework for Planning Cities that hinges on Desegregation, Affordability, Production, Stability and Sustainability

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