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Camera and audio set up
We get questions all the time about the gear we use.
Former staff of Guardian at Powell Street
With the iconic Powell Street cable car turnaround as the backdrop, former staff of the Guardian, the alternative weekly that served as a leading voice for progressives in San Francisco, announced their plan to give the paper a proper send off after it was unceremoniously shut down last week.
View of SF skyline from Vallejo St on Russian Hill
On a blustery grey autumn Tuesday, October 14, heavy winds blew piles of garbage and heaps of bad news: two great pillars of San Francisco progressivism fell with brutal abruptness—a venerable community newspaper, and a man who has been central to protecting the city’s renters, and, thus, its economic and cultural diversity and vitality.
Harrison Chastang, KPOO Poor People’s Radio, News Director
 Whether the fight is against immigration and deportation or whether it’s police brutality the internet provides a place for marginalized communities to mobilize our voices, but proposed changes to "Net Neutrality" by the FCC will change that.
Dyan on the panel with other panelists
[people. power. media] Co-founder, Dyan Ruiz, speaks on how news literacy is a two-way street between newsrooms and communities they report on. She explains the different ways that community input and participation is critical to the reporting philosophy of [people. power. media].

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