Solutions for Affordability

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In-depth reporting on sky-rocketing housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Ar
Supporters of bill to repeal Costa Hawkins take over hearing room
California Assemblymembers consider reversing a major barrier to expanding rent control in cities, such as San Francisco, where rents are rising much faster than most people can pay.
Youth hold up signs in support of Moratorium
The human drama unfolding with each testimony was the reality TV of a neighborhood and people in crisis. Evictions, all their money going to rent, feeling like strangers in their neighborhood, Latino culture and diversity draining out of the Mission, out of San Francisco.
Micro-units apartment building in San Francisco
Micro-units were hailed as affordable by design, but exemptions are now making these tiny new apartments unaffordable and unregulated in San Francisco.
Building under construction
The Bay Area desperately need money for affordable housing and there is a potential source of funding right in front of them. Rents in the San Francisco Bay Area are among the highest in the country. So let’s tax the rising rents that increase the need for affordable housing in the first place.

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Balboa Reservoir, San Francisco
A record number of students are homeless.
Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco
Writer P. Segal offers a solution to SF's housing crisis- filling vacant units with low rent tenants as a tax write-off.