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Curtis and Riley meet the developer in his office overlooking the city.
Curtis and Riley with the help of Riley's AI watch, Olive, meet with condo developer Sumir who tells them how development works. WATCH IT NOW!
Meet the Banker it's Episode 3!
Join Riley and Curtis in a revolving restaurant with an epic view of San Francisco. They're meeting with the banker, Ernesto, who lends money for developments. Discover why it's not all about supply and demand because as he says, "That's not how the industry works."
Rosa shows Riley & Curtis an apartment in the Mission
Curtis and Riley go to look at a place in the Mission District hoping that a place in an older building might be more affordable than a unit in a new condo tower. A Mission mural comes to life and tells the story of how real estate in San Francisco became so valuable.
Curtis and Riley see protest at Civic Center
Curtis and Riley put the pieces together of everything they've learned, and they're not sure what to do about it. As they're walking the streets, they run into a rally outside City Hall led by Carmen, a housing activist. RELEASE DATE MAY 7, 2019
Curtis, RIley & Carmen meet with Mayor Chen
Curtis & Riley, with Olive in tow, join Carmen in confronting the Mayor about the high cost of housing. RELEASE DATE MAY 16, 2019

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Anti-eviction Rally Held in Landlord’s Office, Draws Police Intervention
A San Francisco woman who is facing eviction from her landlord, together with her supporters and housing rights activists entered her landlord’s business office in San Mateo for a rally, negotiating for her continuation of tenancy.
Protest on removal of homeless people
Protesters descend on Super Bowl City in San Francisco objecting to removal of homeless people in the lead up to the game. #TackleHomelessness #SB50
Anti-eviction protest- File photo
Working class families, artists and longtime residents have declared that San Francisco is “losing its soul.” At the helm of this sinking luxury liner, overlooking the City’s planning and developments is the Director of the SF Planning Department, John Raiham, who has been in this role since January 2008. Raiham is now facing evaluation before the people at a public comment session on Thursday December 10 at the Planning Commission.