Priced Out: An animation about why you can't afford a place in San Francisco.

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Priced Out is an engaging animated web series that follows a young couple as they discover why housing is so expensive and what we can all do about it.
Curtis and Riley in their apartment. There is a rent increase notice on the door and Curtis is operating a Murphy bed.
Meet Curtis, a High School teacher, and Riley, a tech gig worker, in their micro-unit in San Francisco. They've just received a rent increase and need to figure out how to keep their growing family in the City.
Lead Illustrator Fred Noland
"Priced Out" Lead Illustrator Fred Noland Gives An Inside Look at How It's Done
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Curtis and Riley meet the developer in his office overlooking the city.
Curtis and Riley with the help of Riley's AI watch, Olive, meet with condo developer Sumir who tells them how development works.

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Meet the Banker it's Episode 3!
Join Riley and Curtis as they meet with the banker, Ernesto, who lends money for developments. Discover why it's not all about supply and demand because as he says, "That's not how the industry works."
Rosa shows Riley & Curtis an apartment in the Mission
Continuing on their quest, Curtis and Riley meet their realtor in the Mission District. A mural comes to life and tells the story of how real estate in San Francisco became so valuable.
Curtis and Riley see protest at Civic Center
Curtis and Riley put all the pieces together and they're not sure what to do about finding a place to live. As they walk the streets, they run into a rally outside City Hall.