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To save affordable housing, new law prioritizes nonprofits buying buildings.
"The marketplace needs counterbalancing" through a rent freeze says esteemed affordable housing architect
If there was real rent control, the discussion between housing factions could have a chance to completely change.
Tenant advocates publish report on impacts of state law limiting rent control throughout California
Local initiative aiming to end homelessness in San Francisco submits triple the needed signatures to qualify for November election.

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Proposition F, a measure on the June 5 ballot, would provide free legal representation to San Francisco tenants. Prop F is supported by grassroots mobilizations throughout the City.
Activists turn in signatures to qualify for a November ballot measure that would repeal the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a state law that limits on rent control in California.
Host of KPFA Radio's "UpFront", Brian Edwards-Tiekert, interviews People Power Media co-founder Joseph Smooke in Joseph's capacity as Westside Program Director of Housing Rights Committee San Francisco. The interview is about the proposed California State Senate bill SB 827 that would displace existing residents around transportation hubs.