Teacher Mic Checks Condo Developer

Community Speaks at "Monster in the Mission" Meeting
Joseph Smooke, Dyan Ruiz | 03/06/2015

Longtime teacher San Francisco Nancy Obregon tells a developer through a powerful mic check that she can't afford the condos proposed for her neighborhood, the Mission District.

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On March 4, 2015, proposed developers of market rate condos at 16th and Mission, Maximus Real Estate Partners, called a meeting to discuss the "community benefits"  they intend to provide as part of the development. Hundreds of members of the Plaza 16 Coalition,* a group of community organizations, merchants and neighbors, showed up to voice their concerns.

Tensions remained high as community members from the traditionally Latino and working class neighborhood rejected the developer's proposals, demanding 100% affordable housing at this site. Skyrocketing rents, mass evictions and buyouts in the Mission District are forcing many longtime residents and merchants out of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. 

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Community Engagement

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