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Joseph Smooke | 05/07/2018
Mayor Chen and Carmen at ribbon-cutting of affordable housing
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Joseph Smooke

Cities, Provinces, States and countries have made significant investments in “affordable” or “social” housing to meet housing needs and to ensure that residents have stability and affordability. These strategies are particular to economies and how the housing market works, but there are lessons that can be learned and applied beyond where these strategies are being innovated.


Ontario, Canada

16 point housing plan


Ontario Fair Housing Plan of 2017


Copenhagen, Denmark

Use of public land and other policies and strategies



    Housing Policy



    Social Housing


Analysis of the current state of Sweden's housing system


Housing system has changed with privatization



    Financing Social Housing



Housing Policy as compared to the United Kingdom


United Kingdom

    Housing Policies and Finance


Paris, London and Barcelona

    Social Housing



Social housing in comparison to other countries


Salt Lake City

Ending chronic homelessness



Tax sharing to end revenue/ resource disparities


Milwaukee and Denver

Housing First and collecting change and airports "to support rental assistance and employment aid for people struggling with homelessness."