Fernando Martí

FERNANDO MARTÍ People Power Media Contributor

Fernando Martí is co-director of the Council of Community Housing Organizations (CCHO), a coalition of 23 affordable housing and community economic development advocates in San Francisco, who work to build a Bay Area where all can afford to live, work, and thrive. Fernando is a licensed architect, writer and exhibiting artist. He was a founder of the SF Community Land Trust and UrbanIDEA, serves on the board of environmental justice organization PODER, and is a member of the JustSeeds Artists Cooperative. An immigrant from Ecuador, he has made his home and built community in San Francisco since 1992.

Stories & Opinion

Infographic: Trickle Down Housing Doesn't Work

In response to our current housing affordability crisis, some activists have called for increased construction of any kind in San Francisco. This relies on a theory called "filtering." With this infographic, we examine the numbers and philosophy behind these claims.

Op-Ed: SF Planning Department's Infomercial

Interview with Fernando Martí
Fernando Martí (CCHO) says San Francisco Planning Department's recently released video glosses over the City's lack of real numbers and strategies for affordable housing.