Dyan Ruiz

Dyan Ruiz People Power Media Contributor

Dyan has a Masters degree in Journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto, which awarded her for her outstanding commitment to community involvement and Documentary of the Year. She has freelanced for US-based independent media and mainstream media in Canada, such as the Globe & Mail and CBC. She regularly reports for an ethnic press publication in Toronto, The Philippine Reporter, and has contributed to the largest daily newspaper in the Philippines, The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Stories & Opinion

The Mission Takes San Francisco City Hall

Protest Lead by the Mission Neighborhood Demands Affordability
Hundreds gather inside San Francisco City Hall to demand affordable housing and a stop on evictions and luxury housing in the Mission District.

Racial Equity Forum: API and Black Solidarity

Intersection of API and Black Experience of Systemic Racism in San Francisco
Richmond District Neighborhood Center hosted a forum on that addresses Asian Pacific Islander and Black solidarity featuring Dyan Ruiz, CoFounder of People Power Media

Exclusive Exposé: The Wild West of Landlord Technology

Property Tech is Ruining Your Community and You Don't Even Know It

Special thanks to Anti-Eviction Mapping Project co-founder and postdoctoral researcher at NYU's AI Now Institute, Erin McElroy; UC Berkeley professor, Desiree Fields; and MIT PhD candidate, Won

Achieving Equity In City Planning

DAPSS: A Revolutionary New Framework for Planning Cities
DAPSS: A Revolutionary New Framework for Planning Cities that hinges on Desegregation, Affordability, Production, Stability and Sustainability

COVID-19 Resource & Action Guide, Part 3

Coronavirus resource and action guide

Priced Out sa Tagalog

All six episodes of Priced Out with subttiles in Tagalog


Panoorin ang mga subtitle ng Tagalog

"Priced Out" Trailer

Priced Out is an engaging animated web series that follows a young couple as they discover why housing is so expensive and what we can all do about it.

Episode 1: "Isn't There an App for That?"

Click on the title for more info about this Episode!
Meet Curtis, a High School teacher, and Riley, a tech gig worker, in their micro-unit in San Francisco. They've just received a rent increase and need to figure out how to keep their growing family in the City.

SROs Being Converted into Luxury Dorms

Video on Raising Awareness with Senior & Disability Action & SRO Leaders
SRO buildings are being targeted for conversion from low-income housing to luxury dorms. SRO Resident Leaders and Senior & Disability Action are organizing residents to identify when these illegal conversions are happening in their buildings.

92-Year-Old Among Filipinos Facing Eviction in SoMa

Four Families on Natoma Street Served with Ellis Act Evictions
Four Filipino-American families, including a 4-year-old girl and a 92-year-old grandmother, are being evicted from their homes in the South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco.

Free Eviction Defense on SF June Ballot

Grassroots mobilizations for Prop F
Proposition F, a measure on the June 5 ballot, would provide free legal representation to San Francisco tenants. Prop F is supported by grassroots mobilizations throughout the City.

Op-Ed: SB 827 is a Gentrification Bomb

California Bill will Incentivize Gentrification of Already Vulnerable Neighborhoods
There’s a new bill in California ready to set off the biggest gentrification bomb the state has ever seen-- Senate Bill SB 827. It will cause displacement in already vulnerable communities-- working class neighborhoods and communities of color.

Op-Ed: Transit Decoy for Gentrification

Proposed California Bill SB 827 Will Displace Tenants & Line Developers' Pockets
Newly proposed State bill SB 827 encourages gentrification in low-income communities throughout California and gives value to landowners and developers with no public benefit in return.

Episode 5: “WTF SF?”

Curtis and Riley put all the pieces together and they're not sure what to do about finding a place to live. As they walk the streets, they run into a rally outside City Hall.

Rent Control Showdown in Sacramento

California Assemblymembers consider reversing a major barrier to expanding rent control in cities, such as San Francisco, where rents are rising much faster than most people can pay.

San Francisco May Day 2017

People Power Media's images of the march of workers on May Day 2017, the first during President Donald Trump.

Voter Guide 2016

[people. power. media] San Francisco Voter Guide 2016
[people. power. media] San Francisco Voter Guide 2016

The Mission at its Best, the Mayor at his Worst

San Francisco Hearing on the Mission Moratorium
The human drama unfolding with each testimony was the reality TV of a neighborhood and people in crisis. Evictions, all their money going to rent, feeling like strangers in their neighborhood, Latino culture and diversity draining out of the Mission, out of San Francisco.

Community Rejects Developer's Benefits Proposal

Plaza 16 Coalition Denies "Monster in the Mission" Proposal
Community members distrust and anger drowns out a developers’ presentation, as they reject the "benefits agreement" for condos in San Francisco's Mission District.

Public Lands for Public Benefit

Benefit the Public, Not Luxury Devlopers, Plus Ways to Get There

A record number of students are homeless. Essential nonprofit organizations are being displaced from the communities they serve. 

Oakland Residents Resist Public Land For Condos

The City of Oakland has recommended that a large parcel of public land near Lake Merritt be developed as market rate condos. Residents of Eastlake neighborhood speak out against the development, advocating for affordable housing instead.

Community Demands 100 Percent Affordable

Affordable Housing a Priority of Plaza 16 Coalition
Organizer with the Mission SRO Collaborative, Chirag Bhakta, and community members demand 100 percent affordable housing.

Teacher Mic Checks Condo Developer

Community Speaks at "Monster in the Mission" Meeting
Longtime teacher San Francisco Nancy Obregon tells developer through a powerful mic check that she can't afford the condos proposed for her neighborhood, the Mission District.

Podcast: Why SF Residents Fight Development

[people. power. media] reporter Dyan Ruiz interviews longtime San Francisco housing activist Calvin Welch about why residents fight against development amidst the City's affordability crisis.

What's Next for the San Francisco Bay Guardian

With the iconic Powell Street cable car turnaround as the backdrop, former staff of the Guardian, the alternative weekly that served as a leading voice for progressives in San Francisco, announced their plan to give the paper a proper send off after it was unceremoniously shut down last week.

Developers Won't Solve the SF Housing Crisis

The Definitive Response to Supply-side Solutionists

Activists marauding Google buses, the hippie enclave turning into a playground for the rich, the threat of beautiful Victorians being plowed over for boxy condos.

How Net Neutrality Impacts People of Color

FCC Proposed Limits to Internet Access Will Limit the Voices of Marginalized Communities
 Whether the fight is against immigration and deportation or whether it’s police brutality the internet provides a place for marginalized communities to mobilize our voices, but proposed changes to "Net Neutrality" by the FCC will change that.

Condos Overshadow Public School

Board of Education Hearing on the Monster in the Mission
Parents of Spanish Immersion School in the Mission District speak out against a proposed luxury condo development next door.

Farm Workers Surviving the Drought in California

Undocumented Workers Struggle to Put Food on the Table
Undocumented farm workers are hit the hardest because of California's extreme drought. We went to the heart of the Central Valley, west Fresno County, to talk to residents about how they're surviving the massive job losses.

Fighting to Stay: Stopping Evictions in SF

As the economy in San Francisco heats up, evictions are on the rise. Tenants and tenants rights advocates have joined together to push for laws that protect tenants. Legislators in San Francisco and Sacramento are responding, but is it enough?

Confronting Philippine Ambassador on Human Trafficking Case

On May 16, 2014, representatives from BAYAN-USA, Migrante and NAFCON met with the Philippines Ambassador to the US, Jose L. Cuisa, Jr. at the Philippines Consulate in San Francisco. They were seeking prosecution of Isidro Rodriguez for the alleged human trafficking of over 200 Filipino teachers to the US.

US Military's "Asia Pivot" & Human Rights

Our report brings to light this little known development in US politics and will explore how the increasing US military presence is impacting communities in the Philippines.

Pushing for a Higher SF Minimum Wage

Community & Labor Push for Higher San Francisco Minimum Wage as Cost of Living Soars
San Francisco’s new minimum wage could be highest in the country if passed on the November 2014 ballot. Community and labor groups that make up the Coalition for a Fair Economy are pushing for a higher minimum wage as rents in the San Francisco also top all other US cities.

Dyan speaks on News Literacy Panel

The Media Consortium Conference
[people. power. media] Co-founder, Dyan Ruiz, speaks on how news literacy is a two-way street between newsrooms and communities they report on. She explains the different ways that community input and participation is critical to the reporting philosophy of [people. power. media].

Toronto Public Housing Residents Bring Demands to Feds

Historic Rally Joins Tenants and City Officials in Demand for Repairs Funding
In a historic protest, public housing residents brought their demand for repairs funding straight to the federal government on Nov. 20. This was the first time Toronto public housing residents joined forces with city representatives and travelled to Ottawa to bring attention to the affordable housing crisis.

A Vote for Affordable Housing

Proposition C: Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Community groups mobilize to pass a dedicated fund for affordable housing in San Francisco.

Tar Sands Protesters Commandeer Public Meeting

Action against Enbridge's Oil Pipeline 9B
First Nations and environmental activists interrupt Enbridge’s pipeline plans at a National Energy Board hearing in Toronto regarding Line 9B, a pipeline that conveys crude oil between Sarnia, Ontario and Montréal, Quebec.

Activists Fight Corporate & Military Forces

People Power Media's Investigative Report from Caraga, Mindanao, Philippines
Corporate agribusiness, like US-based Dole, and large-scale mining are threatening the lives and environment of rural Filipinos, but they're ready to fight for way of life. People Power Media travels to Caraga, Mindanao to investigate how global corporations are tearing down mountains, and poisoning and even killing indigenous and local people.

Philippines SONA Rally 2013

People Power Media Reports from the People's State of the Nation Address in Manila
Thousands of people took to the streets when the President of the Philippines delivered his fourth State of the Nation Address. They decry President Benigno Aquino's failure to address the widespread poverty, corruption and human rights abuses.

Community Victory over Major Healthcare Corporation

A healthcare corporation threatened to shut down a critical hospital for low income San Franciscans. The story of how community and labor groups successfully saved a hospital and forced real benefits over profit.

Filipinos in San Francisco Rally Against Modern Slavery

Protest on Death & Abuse of Oil Rig Workers in New Orleans
A crowd of protesters gathered around the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco to demand action on the deaths, human trafficking and abuse of Filipino migrant workers on an oil rig in New Orleans.

Waiting for Affordable Housing

The wait list for public housing in Toronto is over 10 years long. A look at what Toronto residents endure as they wait for affordable housing.
Watch "Priced Out" our award-winning animated short about why you can't afford to live in the city. Watch