Race and Equity in all Planning Coalition

Race and Equity in all Planning Coalition. Illustration by Frederick Noland


Our communities have the right to self-determination. Historically marginalized groups must lead land use decisions that affect their neighborhoods. The Race and Equity in all Planning Coalition San Francisco (REP-SF) is made up of community-based, grassroots groups (include link to the page w/ all member orgs), working together to prioritize the needs of Black, American Indian, people of color, immigrants, and low and no income communities in San Francisco. We want our neighborhoods to be diverse with stable, affordable housing and access to the resources and opportunities to succeed.

We live with the debilitating legacies of Redevelopment, redlining, over-reliance on market-rate housing strategies, and discriminatory real estate practices institutionalized by city, state and federal governments. In order to achieve structural equity in all planning, we need to dismantle the prevailing racist and oppressive systems of land use that create gentrification, displacement, and extreme inequality. City and State forces such as the Mayor, City Planning, State Senators and Assemblymembers encourage and support corporate developers who build for the wealthiest few, and exploit the rules to jack up our rents and hoard real estate for their profit. They and other forces spread misinformation (link "spread misinformation" text to the "equity definition" page) to confuse real solutions with legislation that supports their greed.

We need to work collectively to challenge the City and State to enact land use plans that support, nurture, and prioritize the dignity, health, stability, and aspirations of people of color, immigrants, people with low and no incomes, seniors and people with disabilities. Our communities can solve the issues we face (link this text to "solutions" page) and determine what developments and resources we need.


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  • Prioritize development that is affordable to low and no income communities.
  • Generate and allocate significant resources for buying existing apartment buildings and sites to remove them from the speculative market and make them available for 100% affordable housing, affordable community-led creative and work spaces.
  • The State and City need to stop prioritizing market rate development.
  • Ensure that community planning processes are culturally responsive and led by low and no-income, immigrant, youth, senior, disabled, and working class residents, and address economic, racial and social inequalities today and far into the future.
  • Stop evictions of residents, community-serving businesses, nonprofits and community-led creative uses, and preserve existing rent controlled housing.
  • Ban developments that displace, or lead to displacement of our existing neighbors and demolition of existing housing.
  • Require adherence to design guidelines that are established by SF's cultural districts so development is culturally responsive, beautiful and sensitive to community needs
  • Use public lands for 100% affordable housing, neighborhood-serving small businesses and nonprofits, and publicly accessible open space
  • Ban the sale of public land for market rate development
  • Require proof and commitments from all developers and city planners that new development, community plans, and zonings will benefit and not harm our most vulnerable residents and workers, based on criteria our communities create.
  • Prevent any development that will limit our access to open space, food, health, education, employment, and affordable, stable housing
  • Ban housing being used for short and intermediate term, non-residential rentals or vacant investments
  • Create equitable outcomes through structural commitments, legislation and practices, rather than signing on to community benefits agreements, or falling prey to promises of wealth creation for individuals, direct donations to organizations, and other forms of manipulation.


REP Member Organizations:

Urban Farm